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Great news for diabetics living near a Giant Eagle store:  starting July 29th, 2010, five oral medications for diabetes are free!
The five drugs are chlorpropamide, glimepiride, glipizide, glyburide, and metformin.  These are all generics, meds that normally sell for $4 a month or $10 for 3 months  – but hey, free is free. 
Many patients take both metformin and one of the other 4 listed medications – that’s 8 bucks a month – enough for a meal or two (if you’re on a budget, which you must be if you’re interested in free medicine).
Giant Eagle also continues to offer the free antibiotic program.  Giant Eagle stores are located in Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.
Check out their pharmacy at:
If there’s no store near you, maybe it’s time for a road trip.

Copyright 2010 Cynthia J Koelker, MD

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