Save Money on Unwanted Facial Hair

Face it: facial hair on women is out.
A mustache isn’t cool on a beautiful brunette.
Even your favorite granny could do without the chin whiskers.

Though granny would probably pass on treatment, there is a medication for this condition: Vaniqa. Vaniqa is thought to work by blocking an enzyme in the hair follicle that is necessary for hair growth. The cream is applied twice daily to areas of unwanted facial hair growth.

Does this mean an end to plucking, waxing, and shaving?
Not necessarily, but it should decrease the need for additional hair removal techniques.

What’s the price of beauty? One 30-gram tube of the 13.9% cream runs $70 to $90, while a Twin-Pack (2 tubes in one prescription) goes for $120 to $147. With a difference of $20 from pharmacy to pharmacy it pays to check around.

Hmm, could you buy a year’s worth of razors for $20?
Or a lifetime supply of tweezers? Just a thought.

How else to save? If your insurance covers this medication, purchasing the Twin Pack will save you a co-pay. Your doctor likely doesn’t know the exact cost of the medicine, and may not be aware a Twin Pack exists, so it’s a good idea to bring it to her attention. Also, an instant savings voucher is available online at: The voucher is good for $25 off a single tube, or $60 off a Twin Pack.

If you have only a small area of unwanted facial hair, say a mustache, a single tube could last a few months. At the Twin Pack is listed for $120.99. With the $60 discount, that’s about $30 per tube, or  only $10 a month if a tube lasts 3 months. That’s do-able. I might try it myself.

How much does this save America? Perhaps nothing, but who can measure the benefit for a mustachioed maiden? Treating unwanted facial hair is no sillier than shaving one’s legs.

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