Save money by avoiding the seven deadly sins

Table of the Mortal Sins [detail].

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Musings for a Sunday morning . . .

Pride leadeth to depression and weight medication,

Envy yearneth for facelifts and hair transplantation.

Gluttony causeth obesity and drunken disease,

Lust resulteth in pregnancy and dread STDs.

Anger yieldeth angina and stress ulceration,

Greed assureth anxiety and much agitation.

Sloth alloweth unfitness through excessive rest –

Abstain from these sins, and you’ll be at your best.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation ( the direct medical cost of STD treatment in America is $8.4 billion/year.

Potential savings to America by avoiding the seven deadly sins:
at the very minimum $8,400,000,000 annually.

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