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Save Money on Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis)

  An itch that rashes.  Does that sound backward?    Although in some cases the rash comes first, as in the little tyke below, for many eczema sufferers, myself included, the itch precedes the rash.  (A mild case like this … Continue reading

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Save money on potassium disorders

Too much or too little?  Either way it can be dangerous, even fatal.  Most of my patients who have an abnormal serum potassium level in their blood are unaware of the fact.  Typically, they are taking diuretics (water pills) which deplete … Continue reading

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Save money by recognizing poison ivy

Dr. Koelker explaiins how to recognize poison ivy, the plants and the rash. Continue reading

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Save money on asthma inhalers

Image via Wikipedia Every year millions of doses of asthma medication go to waste.  Some are lost and others outdated, but one factor which could easiliy be improved would be to add a dose counter to every canister of medication.  Why … Continue reading

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Save money on hypothyroid treatment

How to save money on thyroid testing and treatment. Are generics OK? Why or why not? Continue reading

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