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Save Money with an Online Hearing Test

Looking for something fun to do this evening? And were you wondering, by the way, if you have any hearing loss? Hearing loss associated with aging (and loud-noise exposure) produces high-frequency hearing loss. This makes it very difficult to distinguish … Continue reading

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Save Money on Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

Do you suffer from excessive daytime sleepiness? Do you have trouble staying awake when your work shift changes? Or do you have sleep apnea but still feel drowsy despite CPAP? If you’ve tried caffeine and still can’t stay awake,

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Save money with new drug card from Wal-Mart

You may have heard the commercials . . . Wal-Mart is launching a new prescription drug program, in conjunction with Humana. This Medicare Part D prescription medication insurance is offered for a monthly fee of $15.10 to Medicare participants, with … Continue reading

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Save Money by Breastfeeding

Don’t sit this one out, men. Your wife would want you to understand. To breastfeed or not to breastfeed – that is the question. What pregnant woman hasn’t considered the possibility? Certainly the medical field is in favor of breastfeeding. … Continue reading

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Save Money on Diabetes: Foods to Avoid

If I told my kids to stop eating bread, noodles, pizza, white potatoes, rice, and sweets, they’d think I was nuts. Let’s hope they don’t become diabetic. Every day I see diabetics who find it difficult to follow a diet … Continue reading

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Save Money on Eyeglasses

A few months ago a reader suggested I check out On this Web site you can order single vision, bifocals, or progessive lens eyeware at discount prices. You will need the information from a recent eye exam to input the lens prescription. … Continue reading

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Seven Ways to Save Money on Sinusitis

Sinusitis is highly overrated. Picture this scenario. You’re the doctor. Your patient has waited an hour to see you. He complains of congestion, headache, sinus pressure, and post-nasal drainage. Yes, the drainage is yellow. No, he hasn’t missed work. He … Continue reading

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Save Money on Autumn Allergies

Do you plan your day according to the pollen count? Does the sight of a flowering tree fill you with dread? Though cooler weather bids us outside, those who suffer from allergies are hesitant to accept the invitation. Is a stroll … Continue reading

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Save Money on Warts

  No one likes warts, except perhaps the Wicked Witch of the West.   Finger warts. Plantar warts. Genital warts.   They’re all caused by HPV – some form of human papilloma virus. It would be nice if you could … Continue reading

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Save Money on Thumbnail Bruise

Not really a bruise, but are you familiar with the term “subungual hematoma”? I didn’t think so. A subungual hematoma is a collection of blood underneath a fingernail or toenail, usually from an injury, that often hurts a lot due … Continue reading

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Save Money on Oral Surgery

Once upon a time (last summer) I went to the oral surgeon. Ouch. The good news is I liked the doctor. The bad news is now I have two holes in my head where teeth once grew. It was really kind … Continue reading

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Save Money on Crabs

   If you think crabs are something you find at Red Lobster, stop reading this and go out to eat instead. If you are reading this because you’ve found them on yourself, please continue. “Crabs” is a slang term for … Continue reading

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