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Save money by avoiding the PPIs (proton pump inhibitors)

Image by BlueSe7en via Flickr If you looked at this picture, what would you say? Probably, oh, that must be the ‘purple pill.’   Although this isn’t the ‘purple pill’ we’ve all seen on commercials, it does look similar to … Continue reading

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Save money on generic Effexor (venlafaxine)

Paying for medication can be depressing, especially payng for brand-name antidepressants. But those of you waiting for generic Effexor XR are in luck – finally!  Recently the product has become available in generic form.  (The immediate-release venlafaxine has been available in generic for some time … Continue reading

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Update on Medicare Cuts

  Image via Wikipedia  Earlier this year I wrote about Medicare payment cuts to physicians, which have gone into effect and been reversed 3 times this year already  (or is it 4?) November 30, 2010 the current short-term fix expires … Continue reading

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Save money on hypothyroid treatment

How to save money on thyroid testing and treatment. Are generics OK? Why or why not? Continue reading

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