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Save money on spider bites

  If you think you’ve been bit by a spider, but didn’t see the spider bite you, the bug-bite lesion you’ve attributed to a spider is more likely a MRSA infection. MRSA is methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, a germ that commonly infects … Continue reading

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Nine Ways to Save Money on Newborns

Suppose it’s child #1, the most perfect baby in the world. Of course you buy the very best for your newborn – brand name diapers, scientifically designed baby bottles, professionally done pictures. Of course you take your precious bundle of … Continue reading

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Save money on ingrown toenails

What would you do if your toenail looked like this?  Image via Wikipedia   Ouch!  If you’re lucky, this would be your first ingrown toenail. You might get by with conservative measures such as soaking the toe in hot, soapy water two or three … Continue reading

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