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Save money on ovarian cysts

  Even teenagers develop ovarian cysts.  Often the cysts go away on their own, without specific treatment. Now here’s an interesting thing:  cysts on the left side are 116 times less likely to resolve spontaneously than those on the right side, according to a … Continue reading

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Save money by avoiding the PPIs (proton pump inhibitors)

Image by BlueSe7en via Flickr If you looked at this picture, what would you say? Probably, oh, that must be the ‘purple pill.’   Although this isn’t the ‘purple pill’ we’ve all seen on commercials, it does look similar to … Continue reading

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Dr. Koelker discusses skin cancer screening

Image via Wikipedia   Skin cancer screening – is it for everyone? Listen live with Dr. Koelker and Gary Pozsik on Health, Wealth, and Happiness at www.wgcv.net 1:30 to 1:45 pm EST Thursday, October 7, 2010  

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Save money on malignant melanoma

The best way to save money on malignant melanoma is to prevent it altogether. And one way to prevent melanoma is by avoiding indoor tanning.  According to the Skin Health Study, indoor tanning is associated with a four times greater … Continue reading

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