Save Money with an Online Hearing Test

Looking for something fun to do this evening?

And were you wondering, by the way, if you have any hearing loss?

Hearing loss associated with aging (and loud-noise exposure) produces high-frequency hearing loss. This makes it very difficult to distinguish consonants such as f and s, or t and p. Did I say fit or sip? It’s hard to tell when you can’t read my lips.

To experience what it’s like to have this sort of hearing loss try this cool hearing test at:

It’s best if you do the test in a quiet room, not like I am at the moment with my neighbor’s lawn mower roaring.

Will this save you any money?

Maybe. Perhaps you’ll save on movie tickets and spend the evening taking this test instead. Or perhaps you’ll discover that you do have hearing loss and decide to use hearing protection the next time you go to a rock concert or use a chain saw.

You may save big bucks on a hearing aid ($1,000-$5,000) by using hearing protection now.

At the very least you may be more kindly disposed to your granny when she asks you to repeat yourself for the tenth time.

Savings to America if only 500 people save their hearing by using hearing protection consistently:
$2,000 per hearing aid x 500 people = $1,000,000

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