Save money on repeat ankle sprains

A large number of patients with ankle sprains are repeat customers. 
Usually these injuries occur on the outer aspect of the ankle as the foot rolls inward.  Although this sometimes occurs just walking, more commonly it happens during more vigorous exercise.
Ankle sprains are divided into first, second, and third degree injuries.  The picture below likely represents a second degree sprain, where the tendon is partially torn, causing bleeding.  The blood often sinks toward the foot, causing a bruised appearance along the lateral heel.

mild 2nd degree sprain, rotated inwards.
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My own son has sprained his ankle half a dozen times, usually playing basketball.  Sometimes he takes my advice to wear his ankle brace while playing.  He has never injured his ankle when he chose to wear the support. Teens and young adults don’t realize that a serious ankle sprain can plague them for years, sometimes decades. 

If you’ve injured your ankle once, you’re at great risk for re-injury, especially if you continue in vigorous activity.  The goal is not to limit your activity, but to limit re-injury.  A variety of splints exist to treat or prevent ankle sprains.  An inversion-prevention splint will help stabilize the ankle laterally (the outer ankle bone area). 

If you think the brace you have or those they sell at your local store are too bulky or stiff to wear when active, take a look at  Surely one of the hundreds of options available will be both comfortable and effective, allowing you to be more active with less risk of injury. 

A $50 brace may save you $500 in medical evaluation and treatment, not to mention weeks of recovery.

If this is multiplied across America, 10,000 athletes avoiding re-injury could save America at least $1,000,000.

My freshly sprained ankle of about 6 hours. Fo...
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