Save Money on Low T

You’ve seen the commercials, haven’t you? Low T (low testosterone).

Would you spend $275 a month on a prescription cream to make you feel like a man again?

Good question.

Is it easier to answer if someone else were paying – your insurance, perhaps?

What if you belong to a union that gets to decide regarding what medications your group insurance plan will cover. How would you vote?

What if the choice is: a) spend that money on your children’s future health care; or b) spend it today on your neighbor’s sexual dysfunction?

For a good review of the pros and cons of testosterone replacement therapy visit:

Without entering the debate as to whether or not it’s worthwhile to treat “Low T” (low testosterone) check this Web site to learn how to save up to $20 a month on AndroGel, a testosterone gel applied to the skin:

Potential cost if 1,000,000 middle-aged Americans spend $2000/year on Low T:

1,000,000 x $2,000 = $2,000,000,000
(That’s $2 billion, enough to buy hearing aids for at least a million children.)

How would you like save money on healthcare?

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